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Starting from my boredom at home and the amount of free time that finally motivated me to write a blog. It is not easy to decide what to write an article in the blog must have been throwing around ideas that can be developed in order to continue the blog continues. Having a hobby like graphic design is something that is challenging and interesting. Because only with images we can convey the message, as well as the beauty of the visual arts

My name is Reza Ferdian, I was born on 10 April 1989 Lhokseumawe I grew from a simple family who lived in the village Seout Baroh, Kec.Indrapuri, Kab. Aceh Besar. I know graphic design, When I was in college. that's where it all started. I learned a lot about graphic design with friends. At first I did not understand about art or something. In my environment, I learned to know a lot about art and design grafis.hari after day I continue to learn, grow and eventually I could. As we know the art of photography is a blend of technology and art. Various aesthetic value that is not covered in photographic technology must be harmonized with the technical process to provide character and beauty to the visual outcome. Art photography is not just a recording of what the real world, but into a complex work of art and media images that give meaning and message.

This blog is still very far from perfect, but hopefully it can help. I also hope that my friends who visit want to give comments and suggestions to the sustainability of this blog.

Thank you for visiting this simple blog .....
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